The PlayBridge Workshop

The PlayBridge Workshop is a play creation lab for young people that explores the fundamentals of playwriting through a hands-on workshop with a professional playwright.

Over the sessions, the participants are guided through a series of activites focused on the fundamentals of story and character creation. Writing activities, improv games, group discussions, reading and peer feedback, and guided work with the lead playwright generate the raw materials for a new play. Once the sessions are over, the lead playwright crafts the material into a playable script, ready for production.

PlayBridge is unique because particpants at any level of skill as a writer or as a performer can engage in the process and contribute to the creation of the play. Since the work is led by a playwright and ultimately shaped by a playwright, the participants get to explore not only the writing process, but also the rewriting process as well. Participants feel deep ownership of the work they create, while learning the very important skill of collaboration.

Photos from “The Guardians of Sanzom” produced by AUI in Lafayette, Louisiana through the PlayBridge Workshop. Summer 2013. 

Acadiana Lifestyle writes about PlayBridge:

A PlayBridge script sample. This play was created through a process that explored Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. THE GUARDIANS OF SANZOMGIFTCOPY

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