Recently, thanks to my job at the library and the encouragement and support of some writer friends there, I’ve returned to writing fiction, particularly horror fiction.

Horror stories were the first things I wrote when I was a kid. The first story I ever wrote was called “Mausoleum,” and it took place on Halloween night in my hometown of Scott, Louisiana. All of the dead people in the cemetery’s mausoleum came to life and started killing everyone in the neighborhood near my middle school, particularly the shithead kids in eighth grade who bullied me. Like Jason W.

Here’s the stuff I’m working on:

This is Deadtown

This is Deadtown is (I think) a collection of short horror stories all taking place in a small southern town on the brink of economic extinction. Weird stuff happens in Deadtown, and sometimes — only sometimes — it’s worse than living there.

The Witnesses

This one’s a novel. Natalie is a Witness; she watches people die. And she’s not alone. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Witnesses out there, chosen by Death to make sure no one dies alone.

Witnesses like Natalie have carved out a culture and a set of rules to follow in order to keep Death happy. But when Natalie finds herself chosen to Witness the death of her mentor, she steps outside the rules… and Death’s design.