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Why We Fall
3m, 2w. Multiple locations.
In the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, 17-year old Lee struggles to figure out what happens next. As his mother Maura and father Dan inch towards divorce, Lee strikes up a possibly dangerous friendship with 18-year-old Nela Moore. The friendship pushes Lee into revealing an awful truth about his teacher, Matt, that could either save Lee from his despair or drown them all. Readings: The Wilbury Group, Manhattan Theatre Works, AUI.

In the Bones
3w, 3m. Multiple locations. Video elements.
When a soldier home from serving in Afghanistan ends his life, grief settles over his family and the partner he leaves behind. In a series of scenes moving ahead a year at a time, loss transforms a family and sorrow finds a home in the bones of those left behind. Winner of a 2014 Holland New Voices Playwriting Award. Readings: Great Plains Theatre Conference. Productions: Astoria Performing Arts Center (winner of 2 New York Innovative Theatre Awards), SNAP! Productions. Workshop: Acadiana Repertory Theatre.

William and Judith
4m, 3w. Single location.
Inspired by a passage of Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own,” William and Judith imagines Judith, a fictional sister of Shakespeare, who arrives in London at the home of her brother after being disowned by her father for refusing to wed. William is having troubles of his own: his playwriting is reaching an impasse, and he struggles through a newly-formed (and secret) collaboration with John Fletcher. To add to his grief, his daughter, Jude, is set to marry a man of her own. In this crucible, “The Tempest” is created, and an act of creative thievery threatens to tear the family apart forever. Winner of a 2014 Holland New Voices Playwriting Award. Readings: Great Plains Theatre Conference, University of Northern Iowa. Productions: The Playhouse Tulsa, The Compound, Browncoat Pub and Theatre.

18 Victoria
2m, 1w. Single location.
In a trio of interlocking monologues, 18 VICTORIA tells the story of three siblings — Ben, Catherine and Stephen — who are struggling to piece together their broken family relationship in the wake of their father’s untimely death. But a larger crisis looms. 18 Victoria, an asteroid the size of a few city blocks, is on a trajectory to collide with Earth and will cause an extinction event on the scale of the one that killed the dinosaurs. As they share their stories of facing the last days of the human race, they also grapple with memories of their father, a troubled childhood, and their shared inability to connect as adults. In an apocalyptic present, it’s the wreckage of the past that endures. Readings: 12 Peers Theatre, New Orleans Fringe Festival, AUI.

The Bottom of the Sea
3m, 1w. Single Location.
It’s 1958, and the film version of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” has just opened. Frustrated by the changes made to the play for its film incarnation — and struggling to work through the screenplay for the upcoming film version of “Orpheus Descending” — Williams escapes to a tiny hotel room in New Orleans. In the arms of a young closeted gay man, he finds pleasure. In the friendship of Anna Magniani, he finds solace. A play about the compromises of art — and how those compromises play out in ourselves. Winner of the 2015 Bruce and Arch Brown Playwriting Award. Readings: The Playhouse Tulsa, Acadiana Repertory Theatre.

The Survivalists
3m, 1w, 1 recorded voice. Multiple Locations.
Ben is at a personal crossroads: he’s just out of rehab, his partner Dereck has ended their relationship, and he’s found out he has kidney cancer. His only option is to stay with Annie, his sister, and her husband, Sam. They’re processing a grief of their own — one that Ben is wrapped up in — and at the intersection of these two journeys is a reaching for happiness… or at least a means of survival. Workshop: Acadiana Repertory Theatre, Court in the Act Theatre

The Woman’s Part
2m, 8w. Multiple locations.
The Woman’s Part celebrates women in theatre, both at the dawn of their professional entrance to the business and in today’s world. Act One takes place in 1669 London, and follows Aphra Behn, the first professional female playwright, as she brings her first play “Forced Marriage” to the stage. The second act takes place in 2015 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where an all-female theatre company plans to mount “Forced Marriage” in an attempt to save their struggling company. Camaraderie, creativity and compromise face both sets of women artists in pursuit of inventing a life in the theatre. Originally workshopped by Acadiana Repertory Theatre in June 2015.