The plays included here are just a sample of my theatre work. You can find more of my work for the stage at The National New Play Exchange.

18 Victoria
2m, 1w. Single location.
In a trio of interlocking monologues, 18 VICTORIA tells the story of three siblings — Ben, Catherine and Stephen — who are struggling to piece together their broken family relationship in the wake of their father’s untimely death. But a larger crisis looms. 18 Victoria, an asteroid the size of a few city blocks, is on a trajectory to collide with Earth and will cause an extinction event on the scale of the one that killed the dinosaurs. As they share their stories of facing the last days of the human race, they also grapple with memories of their father, a troubled childhood, and their shared inability to connect as adults. In an apocalyptic present, it’s the wreckage of the past that endures. Read the script here.

Last of Our Kind (2w.) Multiple locations, unit set. One-Act.
In the not so distant future, scientists have perfected the technology to edit the human genome quickly and cheaply. The possibilities for good are endless. But the rise of global authoritarianism lays the groundwork for the technology to be used in unimaginable ways. A science-fiction social horror story for the stage. Created for the Protest Plays Project. Read the script here. 

Certain Unexplainable Events (2w, 2m) Multiple locations, unit set. One-Act.
Three teenagers recount the night their friend, Michael, disappears. Did he simply kill himself, or did he take a leap into another world through more unexplainable means? Purchase a copy of the script in the Best Short American Plays 2015-2016 anthology.

In the Bones
3w, 3m. Multiple locations. Video elements.
When a soldier home from serving in Afghanistan ends his life, grief settles over his family and the partner he leaves behind. In a series of scenes moving ahead a year at a time, loss transforms a family and sorrow finds a home in the bones of those left behind. Winner of a 2014 Holland New Voices Playwriting Award. Readings: Great Plains Theatre Conference. Productions: Astoria Performing Arts Center (winner of 2 New York Innovative Theatre Awards), SNAP! Productions. Workshop: Acadiana Repertory Theatre. Read the Script at The New Play Exchange


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