SURVIVING CREATIVITY: Survival Skills for a Creative Life

Everyone is creative. But not everyone leads a creative life.

Duration: 3 hours.
Target Audience: High school and up.
Do you have to be a writer?: Nope. This is for everyone, even non-creative professionals.

“Surviving Creativity” springs from the belief that everyone – regardless of training or experience – can develop the skills to lead a rich, creative life. All you need are the right survival skills, and you can get past the pitfalls and become your creative best.

In this three hour-workshop, you’ll learn:

    • practical ways to jump-start your creativity.
    • How to find inspiration in your most abundant resource: your life.
    • How to turn the fears that keep us from creating into engines for creativity.
    • Tools to make creativity a daily practice.

What sort of things will we do? We’ll write. We’ll create freehand sketches. We’ll make collaborative scenes with a partner. We’ll map ideas. We’ll talk. We’ll share. We’ll find inspiration in the work of others. We’ll find inspiration in ourselves.

Who could benefit from this workshop? Everyone: working artists, educators, business professionals, amateur artmakers. Anyone with a desire to add more creative fire to their life can find something worthwhile.

Why this workshop? You want the inspiration to start that novel/play/painting/song you’ve been thinking about. You want to re-ignite the creative fire you had when you were younger. You’re looking for ways to supplement the creative work you do already. You need a reminder of why creative work is awesome in the first place.

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