Instant Playwriting: A One-Day Jump Start to a Full-Length Play

Walk in with a desire to write a play. Walk out with the raw materials to finish one. 

Duration: 6 hours. Two three-hour sessions.
Target Audience: High school and up.
Do you have to be a writer?: No. This works for anyone with a desire to write a play.

Instant Playwriting was created to make the form of playwriting accessible and available to anyone interested in writing a full-length play.

In two 3-hour sessions, participants will create the raw materials necessary to write a full-length play – all while learning the fundamentals of playwriting.The workshops guides participants through the formulation of an idea, creation of characters, development of plot and idea, and the basics of writing scenes.

What sort of things will we do? The workshop is designed as a series of writing exercises that build upon one another. There’s a lot of writing, a lot of sharing, some group writing and paired writing activities, and then a little more writing.

Who could benefit from this workshop? For the non-writer who’s never written a play, this workshop makes the form of playwriting accessible and understandable. For the writer of other disciplines, this workshop simply expands their tools and stretches their writing muscle in a different way. For playwrights — particularly those at the start of their journey as writers — this workshop is a quick jolt of creative fun that could stir the juices for the next play.

Why this workshop? Playwriting is often a form that aspiring writers find distancing and remote. This workshop will add a whole new set of storytelling tools to your arsenal and bring playwriting into your comfort zone.

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