Apart from my work with  “Mixtape,” I offer these two writing workshops. More detailed information can be found by clicking on the workshop title. For information on hosting one of these workshops, just email me.


INSTANT PLAYWRITING: A One-Day Jump Start to a Full-Length Play
Instant Playwriting was created to make the form of playwriting accessible and available to anyone interested in writing a full-length play. In two 3-hour sessions, participants will create the raw materials necessary to write a full-length play – all while learning the fundamentals of playwriting.The workshops guides participants through the formulation of an idea, creation of characters, development of plot and idea, and the basics of writing scenes.


SURVIVING CREATIVITY: Survival Skills for a Creative Life
“Surviving Creativity” springs from the belief that everyone – regardless of training or experience – can develop the skills to lead a rich, creative life. All you need are the right survival skills, and you can get past the pitfalls and become your creative best.In this three hour-workshop, you’ll learn:practical ways to jump-start your creativity, how to find inspiration in your most abundant resource: your life, how to turn the fears that keep us from creating into engines for creativity, and tools to make creativity a daily practice.


Queering the Play
What does it mean to write a “queer play?” Beyond documenting the queer experience, what does a queer play look like? What does it sound like? How does a queer play approach structure, character, story? How does it engage the audience? How does a queer play take risks? Through a series of writing activities and discussion, we’ll explore how to queer your playwriting process and take bold chances with your work.


Public Hearts, Private Plays
How do we write political theatre that doesn’t preach, condescend or become overly academic? In this writing workshops, we’ll build scenes that explore complicated political landscapes through intimately personal stories. How does the political play out in bodies, in relationships, in communities?

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