Creators don’t owe you s*#t.

It doesn’t matter how much you love a story/franchise/film/novel/whatever. It doesn’t matter how much it’s changed your life. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read/watched/absorbed/obsessed over it. The creator doesn’t owe you s*#t. They made it. They know more about it than you do. They made it. They aren’t required to shape it toContinue reading “Creators don’t owe you s*#t.”

Surviving the Suck of Feedback

Feedback sucks. Yeah, it’s great and all. It helps you refine and improve your work. But it’s also kind of a nightmare. Everyone has opinions. Sometimes they’re contradictory. Sometimes they don’t make sense. Sometimes they make you wanna quit writing and become an accountant. Feedback can be a storm of noise and ideas that seriouslyContinue reading “Surviving the Suck of Feedback”

Why “Bandersnatch” Works

* Spoilers below, if you haven’t watched it yet. After playing through all of the various endings of “Bandersnatch,” some thoughts about why this interactive film works: 1. Choice is what the whole story’s about. Yes, it’s about video games in the 80s. Yes, it’s about a broken family dynamic. Yes, it’s maybe about theContinue reading “Why “Bandersnatch” Works”