Creators don’t owe you s*#t.

It doesn’t matter how much you love a story/franchise/film/novel/whatever.

It doesn’t matter how much it’s changed your life. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read/watched/absorbed/obsessed over it.

The creator doesn’t owe you s*#t.

They made it. They know more about it than you do.

They made it. They aren’t required to shape it to your satisfaction.

They made it. They spent the hours working on it. They spent the hours working to put it out in the world. They lived and ate and breathed it for however long it took to make.

You didn’t. They don’t owe you s*#t.

You aren’t entitled to a creative work made by someone else that does only what you want it to do.

You aren’t entitled to anything, really. If you want control over a story… make one yourself.

Stories should challenge you. They should push you in new directions. They should show you people and worlds and ideas you haven’t thought about.

That’s the whole f*%king point of stories.

You can’t say you love stories, then s*#t on creators. You just can’t.

If you love stories, support creators. Even when their stories aren’t what you expect them to be.