A movie that really leans into the horror-comedy hybrid, TERRORVISION is a campy monster romp with a killer opening theme song.

A suburban family who’s a wild collection of extreme 80s spoof stereotypes gets a satellite dish. While the thing’s getting installed, a weird electrical bolt from outer space hits the dish and infects the family’s TV with something alien.

A space alien monster with a goofy grin and google eyes is trapped in their TV sets, and it’s got a hankering to kill. The monster dispatches some folks in some gruesome ways and is about to dispatch a trio of kids when the movie takes a wild turn.

Mistaking one of the teens for his monster caretaker on his home planet, the monster warms to the kids. They teach him to watch TV, and the movie veers into a twisted E.T. spoof.

We eventually get back to horror-comedy, and an alien cleaner and a TV horror host come through to try and save the day.

TERRORVISION tries to do a lot. It’s got some commentary on technology and our obsession with TV. It drops some mid-80s pop culture references. It even pokes fun at swingers. And it tries to make some knowing meta-points about monster movies themselves. But thankfully for us, it doesn’t try very hard. It’s mostly interested in delivering some goofy fun. And it succeeds in that from the very beginning.

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