“Flavor” Issue 2.

Two issues in to FLAVOR, and I’m already eager to see where Joseph Keatinge will take this world.

This second issue doesn’t have quite the propulsive force of the first, but it introduces a few new narrative wrinkles — a new character, a secret past for Geof, and the secret black market of Fishmongers.

Xoo Lim continues to be a badass (can’t wait to see the fight coming at Fishmongers in the next issue), and the delicate moment she has with Geof in their scene around the middle of the book adds another layer of sweetness and depth to her. She’s a really compelling central character, and I’m eager to see how her story unfolds.

The art remains beautiful, particularly the gorgeous nighttime colors as Xoo heads to Fishmongers.

I dig where this is going. And I hope Keatinge and Clark keep expanding this canvas. It’s an intriguing world that I want to know more about.

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