Reach Who You Reach

It’s important to devote energy to expanding the community of people you serve. But we can waste a lot of energy comparing our reach to the reach of other organIzations.

Their success isn’t our failure. Maybe our neighbor organization is really killing it with college-age students. Obsessing about how we can replicate that success in-house is wasted energy. We need to look at who we successfully reach and devote energy into serving them better.

Work together, not against. If an organization is really good at something that we are struggling with, we should see them as a potential partner, not competition. Looking for ways to expand our community through collaboration is more fruitful for everyone.

Change takes time. The communities we envy didn’t grow overnight. Our community didn’t grow overnight. Shaping the audience community for our programming takes time, and so will expanding it. Think incrementally. Have targeted, reachable goals. Be patient.

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