Don’t Build Audience – Build Community.

In arts programming, we don’t build audience. We build community. 

Thinking about audience makes our programming transactional. It’s a one-off proposition: We make a thing. People come. We count the numbers. We’re done.

Thinking about community makes our programming about relationships. It’s an ongoing proposition: We make a space. People come. We share experience. And we grow that relationship.

Programming that focuses on community:

  • Is connected. People feel a part of a larger whole and feel connected to other individuals.
  • Is empowering. It creates systems that support individual success as well as community success.
  • Is nurturing. People experience things like safety, validation, visibility.

When we build community over building audience, we give people more than programming. We give them a tribe to belong to. We give them a space to grow and thrive.

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