codyfireescapeWelcome! Things are a bit in progress here, so watch your step.

There are a few things you can do here:

1. You can find information on the plays I write. Mostly, you can find out the vital things — how many actors, what they’re about, what the sets are like, who’s done them before, what critics said about them. But you can also find out why they mean something to me.

2. You can find information on the workshops and classes I teach. When I’m not writing plays, I’m a teaching artist. Mostly, I teach playwriting to young people and young artists. But I also do workshops on creativity and theatre for adults, professionals and businesses.

3. You can find information on commissioning a new work or an adaptation. I’ve written a number of adaptations and original works for high schools, colleges and theatre companies. I’ve adapted works for adult actors and young actors. I’ve written original plays for young actors. And I’m open to creating anything you can dream up.

4. You can read a little bit of bloggeryAlthough, I’ll tell you – I’m not a very regular blogger. But I’ll try to be better.


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